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Find the Perfect Companion/Caregiver in
Tel Aviv, Herzliya or Jerusalem Today

Why choose us to find a companion/caregiver for you?

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Peace of

​Our companions are thoroughly screened, trained, and experienced in senior care. A rigorous screening process, personalized matching, and ongoing support mean you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in safe and capable hands.

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Continuous Support

The match is only the first step. We provide ongoing support and communication so your experience with our companions is positive and seamless, addressing any concerns or feedback you may have along the way.

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We carefully match each senior with a companion that suits their personality and needs. We understand that every family is unique, so we take the time to understand specific needs and preferences, ensuring we match you with a caregiver/companion who aligns perfectly with your family's values and requirements.

Finding a caring and reliable companion/caregiver for your elderly loved ones in Tel Aviv, Herzliya or Jerusalem has never been easier. Our Senior Companion/Caregiver Service is here to provide top-quality companionship and assistance to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling experience for your senior family members. We have been in the companion/caregiver service for 15 years so at this point we have a large network of wonderful Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Jerusalem-based companions/caregivers . We don't waste your time with irrelevant candidates.

How do we find you the perfect companions/caregivers in
Tel Aviv, Herzliya or Jerusalem?


Your process starts with a simple outreach to us via our website or a phone call. We'll arrange an initial consultation to discuss your family's needs, preferences, and expectations regarding senior care and companionship. This discussion forms the basis of our search process, enabling us to customize our approach to finding the perfect caregiver or companion in Tel Aviv, Herzliya or Jerusalem for your loved one.


Once we've gathered your requirements, we initiate a thorough vetting process, which involves comprehensive interviews, meticulous background checks, and verification of references. Our aim is to shortlist only the most qualified and suitable caregiver or companion candidates for your consideration


With a pool of potential candidates, we move to the personalized matching stage. We take into account your loved one's specific needs, daily routine, and personal preferences. We then facilitate introductions, allowing you to gauge compatibility and make a well-informed decision. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a seamless integration of the caregiver or companion into your loved one's life, promoting their well-being and peace of mind

Don't compromise when looking for a companion or caregiver in Tel Aviv, Herzliya or Jerusalem

Choosing the right caregiver or companion for your loved one in  goes beyond simply finding someone to assist them—it’s about selecting a trusted individual who will positively influence their daily life and overall well-being. A poor choice can impact their safety, happiness, and quality of life. The ideal caregiver should not only be highly qualified and experienced but also embody traits like dependability, integrity, and heartfelt compassion. By giving this decision the attention it deserves, you are ensuring your loved one’s well-being and creating a supportive environment where they can flourish. Don’t compromise when it comes to selecting a caregiver or companion in Tel Aviv, Herzliya or Jerusalem—your loved one deserves the highest quality of care and companionship.

A woman and another woman on a wheelchair
We can't thank you enough for such great caregivers - both Carli and Natalie were amazing and it gave us peace of mind knowing that my mother-in-law was all cared for.

Amy and Oren Klein

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