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Who are the staffers you recruit and work with? Do they have references?

All our staffers are 18 years +, vetted, and have plenty of experience. As they all come to us with references, should a client wish to speak with them, we are happy to make the introduction.


How do we pay?

After booking a staffer, our placement fee must be paid 24 hours before the staffer arrives (if payment is not received, the staffer will not be arriving). We charge the daily finders fee by credit card only in NIS (yes we take AMEX) , and the CLIENT pays the staffer directly in cash (NIS) . Staffers may accept Venmo but you’ll need to ask them directly as most staffers do NOT. 


What is the cancellation Policy?

There is no refund on the placement fee if you decide to use fewer days than originally booked during your trip. If you require the staffer for more days than booked, we will charge you for the additional dates.

If you realize you don’t need the staffer for all the booked dates, please provide a 72-hour notice so they can find other work. If notice is given within 72 hours or less, the staffer must still be paid for the originally scheduled amount.


Is there a minimum time required to have the staffer?

Yes, 3 hours.


What if we want more days than originally requested?

Just let us know! If your original staffer isn’t available, we will find someone else.


How last minute can I request a staffer?

Best to give us at least 5-6 hours notice, otherwise we may not have anyone available (though we will of course do our best). There will be an additional fee if you book with only 3 hours notice or less.


Will I get an invoice?

Yes, once we charge you will receive an invoice to your email.


Do I need to pay for transportation for the staffer?

After 11:30pm, and on weekends( 2 hours before shabbat/Yom Tov and 1 hour afterwards), as there is no public transportation, the client will need to pay for the staffer's taxi transportation.


Are we expected to provide the staffer with food if they work for more than 6 hours? 

We request our staffers to bring food and snacks for up to 6 hours. If a job is longer than that, we expect the client to provide additional food.


NOTE: The Concierge-me policy is that our clients may not reach out to our staffers directly, nor are clients permitted to pass contact information of our staffers to others. Should clients not adhere to this policy, we will charge the new employeer as if we had placed the staffer, and, unfortunately, no longer be able to work with the original client.

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